Sometimes it becomes necessary to measure the sound volume, but it is expensive to purchase a specialized device.

A good solution is to install an application on your mobile phone that can function as a sound level meter. The program analyzes the incoming signal from the microphone and displays the results on the volume scale. The measurement accuracy is high enough for domestic conditions, although it can vary depending on the quality of the microphone.

Sound level meter in the phone

What is needed to measure noise through a telephone?

To use the sound level meter, the smartphone must have a working microphone. The corresponding application must also be installed. Typically, mobile device manufacturers do not provide a built-in utility for measuring audio loudness, so this is the responsibility of the user. You can find and install app in the App Store catalog, where all products are thoroughly scanned for viruses.

Noise measurement applications

In the App Store catalog, a lot of results are displayed for the query "sound level meter", so a novice user can get confused. Each application has certain capabilities and features. We'll take a look at five of the best programs for measuring noise.

Sound level meter from Abc Apps. The program has simple controls. After starting, a volume arrow is displayed, under which the number of decibels is indicated. The application informs the user about the lowest recorded noise figure, the highest and the average value. Slightly below is the volume graph, made in the form of a continuously moving tape. To make it more convenient for users, the developers have provided a settings section. Here you can calibrate your microphone or pause the measurement.

Sound level meter from Vlad Polyanskiy. The application has a modern interface. Above is the recorded noise figure. A bit below is a continuously moving chart. A feature of the program is the recording of the geo-position of the measurements. A spectrum analyzer is also included. If the user wants to export the obtained results, you can use the corresponding option to transfer the records to the computer. The developer is constantly improving the program, it becomes better and more visually attractive due to the modernization of the interface.

Sound level meter from Smart Tools. The program is intended for novice users, therefore it has minimal settings. After starting the volume arrow scale is displayed. Below it is the decoding of the values. For example, sixty decibels corresponds to a normal conversation, and one hundred decibels can be caused by the noise of the subway or household appliances. The user immediately sees a list of indicators and can draw an analogy. This is a good method for calibrating measurement accuracy. The product is completely free, however, interested customers are able to purchase the PRO version with advanced features.

Sound level meter from Bolden. The application interface can scare off some users. Once launched, it appears to be overloaded with elements. But even a short use allows you to appreciate the high convenience of the product. The developer has provided a live noise graph that allows you to quickly assess the situation. There is also a minimum and maximum recorded value. The screen displays the frequency of the sound wave with other important indicators. Potential users are provided with ample opportunities to change the parameters "for themselves".

Sound level meter from Grace Jo. The simplest app in its category. There is no spectral analysis, frequency or metrics graph. All that is offered to the user is the current noise value. Depending on the volume, the dial changes its color from green to red. Below it is a short message - quiet, loud, unbearably loud. The program will be a good choice for undemanding users. It does not load your phone memory at all and is completely free. Installation takes a few minutes.

Accuracy of measurements

Typically, the accuracy of noise measurements will vary with the application being used. To achieve an excellent measurement performance, it is recommended to install proven programs that have earned a high reputation. It is also recommended that you perform a calibration if available in the application. Then the accuracy will be high enough, and will be 3-5 units. A higher indicator cannot be achieved, it is limited by the capabilities of the built-in microphone.


Sound level meter is a fairly popular program among smartphone owners, which allows you to determine the volume of ambient sounds. Using such