Here we will talk in simple terms about who designers are, what is ui and where UX lives.

Who is a Ui / Ux designer?

A specialist who is engaged in interface design, analytics and testing of these interfaces. The person that collects, visualizes the data that is needed to build the visual (and psychological) component of the product.

Trying to figure ut who a designer is and what he does, one should understand that this is not just an employee who selects and compiles beautiful pictures for a page on the World Wide Web, because the very word “designer” implies a creative person.

What is Ui?

To put it very simply - a user interface, the main part of the work on which is Visual Design .

If we take purely the interface, then its main task is to simplify our life. Thanks to visual interfaces, we don't have to write code to call the desired function, and designers try to pay enough attention to interaction analysis to minimize the costs of the user's physical and mental abilities .. :)

The main task of a UI designer is to help the user quickly and stress-free understand how to use your product: website, application, program, payment terminal, microwave oven or TV remote control. To do this, the designer makes sure that the interface meets eight requirements.

Where does Ux live and what is it?

In general, Ux is a "User Experience", so most of the time they work here on the "behind the scenes" of the visual simplicity of the design.

Ux designers work exploring the area of ​​interaction, perception - in fact, these are "guys" who know where you doubted and where you were interested.

One of the brightest examples of the work of UX designers is Apple's first personal computer, the Macintosh. The idea of ​​using windows instead of the command line existed until 1984, but it was Apple engineers and designers who made the graphical interface widely available.

A short glossary

Ui - or what is ui - the User Interface ( User Interface ) - that is, this is the part you see. All those buttons, icons, checkboxes, etc., with which you interact every time you open a website, program, application, etc.

Ux - the User Experience ( User Experience ) - in fact it is "the experience of interaction," moments "feelings" - sites where you consciously (and not) go to your goals and / or receive desired. These are the possible thoughts, feelings, actions and impressions that you get when working with a specific interface.

Guidelines ( guideline ) - This is a set of rules, which are described as part of the design of the system, such as Material Design, iOs and others.

Design the Visual ( Visual Design ) - Exceptional visual part of the designer, what you can see.

Ui Kit - a set of elements used to build an interface. Such a constructor that the design consists of.

System Design ( Design System ) -. Rules, components, specifications, etc., which sets the overall tone for the design of the project. In fact, this is a kind of Guideline.